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Documentation This documentation applies only to iceScrum v7.
For old iceScrum R6, read the documentation or migrate.

This documentation applies only to iceScrum v7. Migrate to iceScrum v7.

Create your own story backlogs according to custom filters.


This App allows creating story Backlogs from custom filters and share some of them with your team.


Once the App is enabled, ScrumMasters, Team Members and Product Owners can create their own Custom Backlogs from the plus icon button in the “Backlogs” view. Unlike the Sandbox and the Product Backlog, these Backlogs cannot be prioritized and they cannot alter the story workflow: they are basically filtered story views.

  • Custom Backlogs must be given a name and a code that will be used to form its URL
  • Every backlog comes with a Pie Chart, which you can choose among: Feature, Type, Value, State and Effort.
  • ScrumMasters and Product Owners can optionally share Custom Backlogs so they become available to anyone browsing the “Backlogs” view of the project.
  • Create the filter by describing the stories you want to include in the Custom Backlog. The application will auto-complete suggestions as you type your filter and matching stories will be displayed as a preview. Once the filter is complete, save the Backlog

Update or delete

A shared Custom Backlog can be updated and deleted by any ScrumMaster or Product Owner, while only the person who created a personal backlog can update or delete it.

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