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Welcome to Kagibox, our first physical product!

Today’s topic is quite different from what we usually talk about here. No version of iceScrum or new feature for your favorite tool (don’t worry you will get some very soon), but a presentation of a brand new product we just launched this week: Kagibox! For a long time, our team has been thinking of…

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Version 7 Beta 7

7.0.0-beta.7 Here comes iceScrum 7.0.0-beta.7. This version brings the “Team availability” feature back, making a new step towards a final release. It works as before, including the recent addition of the useful Sprint Burndown Chart that compares the remaining time to the remaining availability. Apart from that, this new beta also fixes a few bugs…

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Version 7 Beta 6

7.0.0-beta.6 Here is a new iceScrum 7: 7.0.0-beta.6. A promised, after Git/SVN integration we worked on another big iceScrum Pro feature: integration with bug trackers, namely Bugzilla, Jira, Mantis, Redmine and Trac. These integrations work quite like before (here is the old documentation for reference: A nifty addition is that you can now apply…

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[UPDATE] Version R6#14.11

Hello everybody, Here comes a new version of iceScrum and iceScrum Pro! This version brings many changes, we hope that you will like them! This post lists all the changes brought by iceScrum R6#14. It is updated when minor versions are released to fix bugs and add small improvements on top of this major version.…

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Version 7 Beta 5

7.0.0-beta.5 A new iceScrum 7 beta is here: 7.0.0-beta.5. As planned, this version comes with Source Code Management and Continuous Integration (Git, SVN, Jenkins…). For the moment, they work like before (here is the old documentation for those who don’t know about these integrations: Git & SVN – Jenkins). That means that you can know…

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Version 7 Beta 4

7.0.0-beta.4 The fourth version of iceScrum 7 beta is now online: 7.0.0-beta.4. Improvements: Velocity, capacity & remaining time in Task board Medium post-its by default in backlogs and features view Bug fixes: Loading logo has no color on IE11 On IE11, when displaying details panel, details info are not displayed and post-it layout doesn’t adjust…

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Version 7 Beta 3

7.0.0-beta.3 Here comes a third version of iceScrum 7 beta: 7.0.0-beta.3. Unlike previous versions, this one doesn’t bring much visible changes. However, we worked a lot under the hood to provide more consistency and stability. Here are the main improvements and bug fixes: Improvements: Big overhaul of error management New order in story and task…

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Version 7 Beta 2

A week ago, we were glad to publish the first Beta of the version that embodies the future of iceScrum! iceScrum Version 7 Beta If you did not hear about it yet, you can read the blog post named “A bright future for iceScrum”. First, we would like to thank our early users for their…

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Agile is not magic

After years helping companies to adapt their practices and change their mindset toward agile values, a comment we hear very often is “Ok, we know that we don’t follow the recommendations… But our context is quite singular and Agile/Scrum is meant to adapt to everything, right? Thus, we adapt it to our context.”. Unfortunately, it…

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