Slack – iceScrum

Documentation This documentation applies only to iceScrum v7.
For old iceScrum R6, read the documentation or migrate.

Receive iceScrum events in your Slack channel

Get a Webhook URL

First, from your Slack Team, open the Apps & integrations menu. Then, on the Apps webpage, click Manage menu. If you don’t find these menus, there may be a “Manage Apps” menu instead.

Under the Custom Integrations section click on Incoming WebHooks and then on Add Configuration.

Choose your channel and add the Webhook. Then, copy the Webhook URL to your clipboard.

Add Slack on your project

Once you have your Slack Webhook URL, login as a ScrumMaster, enable the iceScrum Slack App and configure it in your project settings by providing the URL.


Once the integration is configured, every story creation, state change and deletion will be submitted to your Slack channel.

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