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Documentation This documentation applies only to iceScrum v7.
For old iceScrum R6, read the documentation or migrate.

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Apps & integrations

The core of iceScrum provides all the essential features to support an agile team. However, depending on their project context, tooling, constraints, teams could benefit for more advanced and specialized features. Such features are provided in iceScrum as Apps.

A few Apps are server-wide but most of them are enabled at the project level. Some of them require that the administrator configure them at the server level before you can enable them on your project. If you use iceScrum Cloud, we take care of this part for you.

All Apps are disabled when you start your project. Then, ScrumMasters and Product Owners can enable / disable Apps in the “Apps & Integrations” menu of the project at any time in order to adapt iceScrum capabilities as team practices evolve. Once enabled, an App may require additional configuration in the project “Settings” menu in order to work properly.

Depending on your installation, Apps may be all available or limited. Indeed, while the agile core is entirely free, Apps are only available in iceScrum commercial offers.

Every App comes with a dedicated documentation on our website that explains in detail what it does and how to use it.

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