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Documentation This documentation applies only to iceScrum v7.
For old iceScrum R6, read the documentation or migrate.

FeatureMap helps build beautiful Story Maps and share them with your team and stakeholders. Automatically generate the Story Map of an existing project to get an instant overview of its content, your data will be kept in sync automatically!


At the moment, this integration is one-way: you can manage your project from iceScrum and you can automatically update cards on your Story Map in FeatureMap when the corresponding stories are updated.

Start by enabling the App on your project. Then, open your project settings and enter valid connection information:

  • Username: the username of a FeatureMap user having sufficient permissions.
  • Password: the password of a FeatureMap user having sufficient permissions.
  • FeatureMap server URL: change it only if you have an on-premise FeatureMap server, otherwise leave the default FeatureMap URL.

To use this App you need a Premium account on FeatureMap.co.

Then, click on “Synchronize”. If the connection fails, an error message will be displayed underneath but a closer look to the logs (icescrum.log and catalina.out) will give you more insights about the issue.

If the connection succeeds, iceScrum will create a Story Map of your project and will populate it with your project data. Then, updates of your iceScrum stories will automatically update your Story Map accordingly.

If for some reason, your Story Map is out of sync, click on “Force Synchronization” to refresh it.

Learn how to use FeatureMap directly on their website here.

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