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iceScrum has grown around the Scrum pillars to help teams succeed in their projects

Item Breakdown

The product is divided into its main features. Features are split into small use cases: the user stories, which are implemented by the team through tasks.

Reports & Metrics

iceScrum automatically produces agile reports: burndown, burnup, parking lot, cumulative flows charts…

Product Backlog

The backlog is the set of stories which are groomed, refined and prioritized so they can be planned in sprints and implemented by the team.


Permissions are granted according to the role in the Scrum team: ScrumMaster, Product Owner, regular team member or stakeholder.


iceScrum is not limited to Scrum: it gets the best out of all agile practices and principles



Plan your features into the project releases and prioritize them in order to define and share the product vision.

Releases & Sprints

According to story estimates, story priorities and team capacity, stories are planned into sprints in order to add as much value as possible to the product.

Defects / Bugs

Bugs are managed as defect stories alongside with user stories in a unified backlog. They keep track of the affected and fix versions.

Acceptance Tests

Is a story really done? Acceptance tests help answer this question and improve the quality of your product.

Tool Integration

Maintain traceability and data consistency automatically between the tools that are essential to the success of your project

Version Control


Keep track of code changes by linking your commits (from Git, GitHub, SVN…) to iceScrum tasks and user stories.

Bug Trackers


Automatically synchronize your project data between your bug tracker (JIRA, Mantis, Bugzilla, Redmine, TRAC…) and iceScrum

Continuous integration


Display the latest build information (status, commits, build #, …) from your Jenkins/Hudson server in iceScrum.

IntelliJ IDEA

Browse the “to do” tasks of the current sprint and pick the one you will work on without leaving your favorite IDE.


iceScrum is open-minded: you can extend it according to your needs

Custom Exports


Generate custom CSV exports from iceScrum views or custom filters defined in the “Finder” view. You can then generate custom reports, feed other tools, …

Web Services API (REST)

Accessible in JSON and XML formats, the REST Web Services API lets you manage stories, sprints, tasks, projects etc..

Embeddable HTML Widget


Embed live iceScrum views into your online documents or websites in order to create custom dashboards and reports.


Foster collaboration and communication between your team members

Virtual task board

Focus on the sprint, display the tasks Kanban board and switch user during stand-up meetings. Projected on a wall, it provides a great alternative to real post-its.


Stakeholders and team members suggest and comment stories in the Sandbox in order to help create the best product.

Slack integration


Stay informed of what happens in iceScrum by receiving important events about your stories in your Slack channel.

Instant Messaging


Communicate with your co-workers without leaving iceScrum with Jabber (an open and widely used protocol) use, Hangouts, Microsoft Live or Facebook.

Simple Administration

Easily configure your server and manage your users and projects



Update the configuration of your iceScrum server without leaving your browser, most changes are taken into account instantaneously.



If your company uses a user directory, you can externalize user registration and authentication thanks to the LDAP / AD integration.

User administration


Administrate all the users of your server: batch creation, enable/disable, update credentials and user information.

Project administration


Get an overview of the project hosted on your iceScrum server. Update projects and teams according to your needs.


Get the big picture of your projects to improve estimates, reduce risks and increase your productivity

Advanced Search

Search features, stories, tasks and actors of your project according to keywords, custom tags and field value.

Team availability


For each sprint, iceScrum Pro provides a dedicated table where team members can enter their availability on a daily basis.

Project bundle


Project bundles allow you to group interrelated projects, providing a big picture of their planning and progress to help you make the best decisions.

Extra Features

In addition to major project management features, iceScrum tries to make your life easier



Product Owners freeze stories that don’t belong to the current product vision and restore them when the time has come.

Cloud Storage


Attach your cloud documents in iceScrum directly from Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Create Items from Emails


While you have no access to the tool, just write an email to iceScrum and it will take care of creating a story or an urgent task.



By including the feedback module in your website, you offer your users a way to provide feedback and you collect it as stories in your iceScrum project.

They trust iceScrum