Vincent Barrier

Vincent first heard about agile in 2009 in Toulouse, where he finished his studies after living in Paris and San Francisco. He immediately felt that this discovery would dramatically influence his career, and he was proven right. After gaining experience in big consulting companies, he founded Kagilum in 2011 in order to promote Agile methodologies full-time. Trainer and speaker, he is an active member of French agile community. When he is not working, he plays with cutting edge technologies.

Nicolas Noullet

As he graduated from Toulouse University, Nicolas met Vincent as his teacher, giving him the opportunity to participate in the creation of Kagilum. Nicolas now shares his working time between development, support and teaching. Other than that, you will probably find him learning a new programming language or growing fresh pumpkins and zucchinis.

Virginie Diallo 

Virginie is our latest recruit. As all our team members, she is multi-talented, but she especially thrives in communication and marketing. If you read something great about us, you can be sure that Virginie was involved! She is passionate about performing arts, which has probably something to do with her skills.

Julien Villeroux

Julien does not come from an IT background and that is an asset for Kagilum. Indeed, his great communication skills allow the team to be well balanced and effective on every aspect that makes a successful company. He enjoys foreign cultures and travelling so don’t be surprised if you meet him someday on his road around the world.

Kylia Claude

Kylia is here to boost our development thanks to her great entrepreneurship and strategic skills, participating in our great plan to invade all the dev teams of the world. She also brings her singing skills, for better or for worse!



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