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Apprenez Scrum avec nous ! (FR)

Si vous êtes un agiliste confirmé vous pouvez sans doute passer votre chemin ou lire l’excellent article (en anglais) de mon collègue Nicolas sur le futur d’iceScrum. En revanche, si vous êtes débutant(e) en agilité comme moi, enfin comme moi avant, alors je souhaite partager avec vous ma vision sur ce domaine que j’ai découvert…

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A bright future for iceScrum

You are currently looking at the future of iceScrum! Well… at least a part of it. Indeed, the visual identity of our website will soon be shared by our tool, and it is just one of the many improvements we are preparing for you…        With years of experience and enlightening feedback from our users…

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How to correctly fill in a Story?

What is nevertheless mandatory to make your Scrum project a success: “How to correctly fill in your stories?”. Story fields First, let’s review their fields in their order of appearance. Name Keep the story name as simple and short as possible. It is always better to see the full name of a story with a…

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New support to start with iceScrum

Hello everybody, In this blogpost we are going to present you two new features we put at your disposal to start using iceScrum in the good way and understand it better. Starting from scratch with iceScrum can be difficult if you are not familiar at all with the Scrum methodology. That is why we added…

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New iceScrum products available!

Hello everybody,   We are back this week to announce you the launch of not one, but two new iceScrum products!   iceScrum users asked us for improvements regarding our offers for iceScrum Pro Standalone, to be more flexible in our offers and adapt to our customers needs. That is why we created those two…

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New team & project management

Hello Everybody, We believe that teams are the cornerstone of agile project management and that it deserved to get more power in iceScrum. Cloud users get this for a long time but it is now available for everybody: a team can work on several projects. This change has major consequences: – teams now have a…

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Welcome to!

Hello everybody, Our new website is the perfect opportunity to give a new start to this blog, so welcome to! Until now and for historical reasons we had two websites: –, dedicated to the open source version of iceScrum, –, dedicated to the professional features and services we have been developing for…

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[UPDATE] Version R6#13.8

Edit: Previous R6#13 versions are replaced by R6#13.8. We recommend that you update in order to benefit from the following changes: Improvements R6#13.8: Batch administration of users: enable/disable/make internal/make external (iceScrum Pro) Jira integration [many thanks to our customer who sponsored this story] (iceScrum Pro, Documentation) Deleting an acceptance test requires a confirmation to prevent…

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[UPDATE] Version R6#12.1

Edit: the R6#12 version is replaced by R6#12.1. If you installed R6#12, we strongly recommend that you update in order to benefit from the following bug fix: ICESCRUM-882 – Insufficient drop-down width makes hard to see and chopse estimates, ranks etc. (table & post-it view) Hello everybody, Here comes a new version of iceScrum and…

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