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Here is the new and probably the last version of iceScrum R6. Its only purpose is providing iceScrum Standalone R6 users with the ability to migrate their projects to iceScrum v7.

The migration from iceScrum R6 to iceScrum v7 cannot be done on your existing server. You will need to install v7 on a new server and migrate your projects by exporting them from R6 and then importing them into v7.

Thus, this new version adds a new “Export to v7” button below the regular “Export” one in the project menu. That means that you will need to migrate every project individually. This may takes some time but we promise that it is worth it.

Once you have installed it by following the regular upgrade procedure, the first step toward the migration of your projects will be done. Read the migration procedure in order to learn about the next steps!

Even if you don’t plan to upgrade to v7 soon, there is really no downside to upgrading to R6#14.14!

Download icescrum.jar R6#14.14

Download icescrum.war R6#14.14