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A better iceScrum

September 18, 2019

New versions of iceScrum starting from version 7.40 will offer a brand new User Interface!

New dashboard design

Modern user interface

We are glad and proud to get daily feedback from you explaining how iceScrum helps manage your agile projects. Of course, providing you with a useful and effective assistant is our priority, but we think that you also deserve a beautiful interface.

New Backlogs design

Since the release of iceScrum v7, the user interface stayed quite the same while in the meantime a lot have changed in the web application design landscape.

Our tool needed a serious design overhaul, and here it is! This new UI should feel modern, pleasant to the eye and easy to use.

New planning design

When can I get it?

The new UI will be available progressively on our three platforms: Cloud, Cloud Business and On-premise

There is no release date yet for Cloud Business and On-premise servers but it should be available very soon, stay tuned!

On the other hand, we are happy to announce that the new UI will be available on our Cloud platform within two weeks from now (Week 40)! There will be no downtime, a page refresh and you will get it!

New, but familiar

Do not worry, apart from looking a lot better, your favorite agile tool stays the same! As opposed to the major changes some of you may have gone through with the upgrade from iceScrum R6 to v7, this time the features will not change.

New task board design

Everything should be roughly in the same place as before. The only non-cosmetic changes we made should improve the user experience and ensure that iceScrum is as easy to use as it should be.

You actually had a slight preview of this UI since we released our new website! Both the website and some of its screenshots were indeed the first step in the journey toward the future of iceScrum. We received a warm welcome for the new website so we took the best of it as the basis to improve the application itself. 

On premise and Cloud business

We do not forget about you! Actually, releasing the new UI on all our platforms is our top priority. While waiting for the release on your platform, you can get a sneak peek of the new UI by registering on or using an existing account.

For On-premise servers, as iceScrum features stay the same, there will be no particular migration procedure. The same procedure as any minor upgrade will apply (upgrade guide).

What’s up next

Stay tuned! New surprises are waiting for you on the upcoming weeks.

Any question or feedback? Please leave a comment below!

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  • Nicolas Noullet
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    Nicolas Noullet works with Agile Methods, and in particular with Scrum, since 5 years at least. After joining Kagilum, he became the most active contributor on the iceScrum tool. Today he shares his time between training / teaching and the iceScrum development.


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    Encore un peu de retard, la nouvelle UI n’est pas visible chez moi, mais j’ai hâte de pouvoir enfin travailler avec !

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