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[UPDATE] Version R6#13.8

Edit: Previous R6#13 versions are replaced by R6#13.8. We recommend that you update in order to benefit from the following changes:


  • R6#13.8: Batch administration of users: enable/disable/make internal/make external (iceScrum Pro)
  • Jira integration [many thanks to our customer who sponsored this story] (iceScrum Pro, Documentation)

  • Deleting an acceptance test requires a confirmation to prevent accidental deletion
  • Redmine integration [many thanks to our customer who sponsored this story] (iceScrum Pro, Documentation)

  • Trac integration [many thanks to our customer who sponsored this story] (iceScrum Pro, Documentation)

    After Mantis BT and Bugzilla, here comes the Trac integration! You can now import stories automatically from Trac issues and define rules to update the issues according to the changes made on the corresponding stories. More integrations will come soon, stay tuned!

  • Excel mode for CSV export (iceScrum Pro)
  • Improved user search when choosing your team

Bug fixes

  • R6#13.8: Error on “publish stories as” in the sprint plan when stories have failed acceptance tests
  • R6#13.8: iceScrum version is not checked when using iceScrum Pro (iceScrum Pro)
  • R6#13.8: Issue import is stuck when there are both uniqueness and size issues on the name field (iceScrum Pro)
  • When creating a task with a name that is too large, the red error box displays no error which is a bit confusing
  • Availabilities from different sprint are mixed on the screen when they are changed at the same time by different users (iceScrum Pro)
  • Project settings take a long time to display because bug tracker remote fields are not cached (iceScrum Pro)
  • When copying a story, a notification is sent for each comment that is copied as if it was a new one
  • ICESCRUM-919 – External users (LDAP) should not be able to log in with their iceScrum password (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-916 – Bug tracker synchronization help tooltip message is incorrect (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-917 – Bugzilla authentication fails on recent bugzilla installations (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-918 – Email sent to SM because the bug tracker config is disabled due to errors should be sent only once (iceScrum Pro)
  • Name of issues (imported from bug tracker) that are larger than 100 characters are truncated to 20 instead of 100 characters (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-921 – Urgent task save often fails
  • ICESCRUM-922 – User filter is not applied properly in task list when using web services
  • ICESCRUM-920 – Project import doesn’t work when invalid XML characters are used
  • ICESCRUM-923 – Initial remaining time is not recorded for “todo” tasks when a story is declared as done
  • ICESCRUM-664 – Impossible to create a project when the user language is Italian

We know it’s been a long time since the previous release but please let us know that we don’t forget you! Actually, we are designing a brand new iceScrum! Here is a glimpse of the new sandbox with custom post-it color:

We would be please to hear your feedback! Stay tuned, there is more to come…

Hello everybody,

Here comes a new version of iceScrum and iceScrum Pro!

The R6#13 version brings some important bug fixes. We also developed a few improvements that should please you while waiting for the big changes that will come in iceScrum R7!

At first, we expected the previous version (R6#12) to be the last of the R6 series. However, we take all the time that is needed to experiment the ideas gathered last months and ensure that the new interface will make using iceScrum much more easier and pleasant. In the meantime, we don’t want to leave you with annoying bugs so we decided to release another R6 version.



  • ICESCRUM-594 – Bugzilla integration [many thanks to TECH’advantage, the iceScrum Pro customer that sponsored this story] (iceScrum Pro, Documentation)
  • We promised additional bug trackers, after Mantis BT here comes the Bugzilla integration! You can now import stories automatically from Bugzilla issues and define rules to update the issues according to the changes made on the corresponding stories.

  • ICESCRUM-622 – Define custom tags on bug tracker import (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-649 – Custom story estimates
  • Until now, story estimates had to be chosen from either the Fibonacci or the Integer suite, there is now a third option called “Custom values”. Will still strongly recommend the use of the “story points” empirical unit for story estimates. However, it is now entirely up to the teams to choose the values that are meaningful to them.

    When custom values are enabled, you can estimate stories by typing any value between 0 and 999.99, with a precision of two decimal places.

  • ICESCRUM-652 – Update availabilities for done sprints (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-656 – Hide server configuration information when not logged in
  • Origin attribute added to the story API
  • Original issue link added to Mantis integration (iceScrum Pro)
  • Better logging and error handling on bug tracker integration (iceScrum Pro)
  • More file formats available on Google Drive integration for attachments
  • ICESCRUM-663 – Italian translation, many thanks to Alessandro

Bug fixes

  • ICESCRUM-651 – Availability dates are shifted by one backwards in the table header (iceScrum Pro)

    Warning: if you use the iceScrum Pro availabilities and if your projects has a negative offset from UTC, which is the case of most projects based in America, then you should read the following:

    If your project satisfies these two criteria, then the dates displayed in the availabilities table header are likely to be shifted by one day backwards. Despite being only a display bug, it has annoying consequences.

    Here is an example: given a sprint from 11th march to 17th march, the table has 7 columns. The first column corresponds to the 11th and the last column corresponds to the 17th. However, if you project had a negative offset timezone, then the first day is mistakenly labelled 10 and so on until the last column labelled 16.

    If your team has entered the availabilities according to these labels (this is likely to be the case) then all the availabilities are also shifted by one. When upgrading to R6#13, the column formerly labelled 10 will be labelled 11, and so on for every day. Consequently, we strongly recommend that your teams check the availabilities entered for current and upcoming sprints and update them accordingly.

    We considered an automatic way to fix the values, which would have required moving data around between sprints. However, such an automatic fix would have no way to figure out how your teams may have worked around the issue. Because of that, an automatic data fix may cause additional troubles on top of the identified bug, leading to an inextricable mess. Thus, we abandoned this solution.

    We relaxed the permissions so the Scrum Master and the Product Owner can now update availabilities for done sprints and correct the availabilities wherever it is needed (see the improvements section above).

    We are sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any question or if you want more information before upgrading, feel free to contact our support team, we will be pleased to help you.

  • ICESCRUM-645 – Product Owners don’t follow automatically new stories despite the setting enabled
  • ICESCRUM-642 – “Browse project” not displayed for admin if no project is public
  • ICESCRUM-646 – An estimated story returned to sandbox keeps its effort
  • ICESCRUM-894 – Drop-downs to select view type for embedded views are too small
  • ICESCRUM-643 – Product Owners aren’t available in task board user switch (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-634 – User name with apostrophe breaks availability table (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-644 – Availabilities aren’t created for POs when enabling availability for a project (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-886 – Weekend availabilities generated when adding days to a sprint are not initialized to 0 (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-648 – Changes in team composition are not reflected in availabilities (iceScrum Cloud)
  • ICESCRUM-903 – Sprint burnup chart in points displays only zeros
  • The browser hangs after submitting a user story, a feature or a task (iceScrum Pro)
  • Google Drive integration for attachments doesn’t work (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-661 – Bugzilla issues from components having the same name in other projects are imported (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-662 – Rules that update the status of a Bugzilla issue to RESOLVED don’t work (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-911 – When adding several sync rules for bug trackers, their values are often mixed (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-908 – Select menus for bug tracker settings are too small (iceScrum Pro)
  • ICESCRUM-913 – Portuguese translation issue
  • ICESCRUM-907 – Copying recurring tasks from the first sprint of a release brings tasks from another project