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[UPDATE] Version R6#14.11

August 01, 2016

Hello everybody,

Here comes a new version of iceScrum and iceScrum Pro!

This version brings many changes, we hope that you will like them!

This post lists all the changes brought by iceScrum R6#14. It is updated when minor versions are released to fix bugs and add small improvements on top of this major version. Changes brought by such minor versions are identified by a label, e.g. R6#14.10. We recommend that you upgrade to the latest minor version, which is currently iceScrum R6#14.10.

New features / improvements

  • Team overhaul
    We strongly recommend that you read this blog post.

    • Invite members by email (Documentation)
    • Assign a team to multiple projects
    • Switch the team of a project
    • The team Owner gets all the permissions on all the projects the team is working on

Update a team

  • Collect feedback on a website as iceScrum stories (Documentation) [pro]
    Have you noticed the “Feedback” button on the right of this website? It creates stories automatically in our iceScrum project. You can get the same thing for your website. Of course, feel free to use this one to provide your feedback about our new website!

Your users customize the screenshot


  • Pagination of projects and users in administration panels [pro]
  • Grant/remove administrator permissions to users (Documentation) [pro]
  • Switch to another user when your are the administrator (Documentation) [pro]
  • i18n improvements
  • User experience improvements
  • Case insensitive project search in “Browse others”
  • The chat feature was included only in iceScrum Pro, it is now accessible to everybody! (Documentation) R6#14.2
  • New release as a .jar file that includes both iceScrum and Tomcat R6#14.2
  • User-friendly wizard to help setup iceScrum after installation R6#14.2
  • Guided tours of iceScrum to help newcomers R6#14.2

Guided tour

  • Easy switching to iceScrum Pro (no need to change .war file) R6#14.2
  • New help tab in about page R6#14.2
  • Automatic retrieval of iceScrum Pro license key from R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Last login date in user administration R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Search users in user administration R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Search projects in project administration R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Improvements in Email server configuration setup step R6#14.3 [pro]
  • The Oracle support was included only in iceScrum Pro, it is now accessible to everybody! R6#14.3
  • Improve API GET queries speed thanks to faster XML/JSON marshalling R6#14.5
  • Add truncated notes & description from bug tracker as story attachments R6#14.7 [pro]
  • Optional swallow Mantis SYSTEM NOTICE error R6#14.7 [pro]
  • Ability to update bug tracker import and sync rules R6#14.9 [pro]
  • Availability vs Remaining time Sprint Burndown (Documentation) R6#14.10 [pro]
  • Better Dashboard display performance R6#14.11
  • New “All components” Bugzilla import rule option R6#14.11 [pro]
  • Drop obsolete Google Code support R6#14.11 [pro]
  • Support GitLab SCM integration through webhooks (Documentation) R6#14.11 [pro]

Bug fixes

  • Server settings which value includes special characters don’t work [pro]
  • HTML attachments cannot be downloaded
  • Attachments Errors are not handled properly
  • There is no way to add Stakeholders when creating a project if projects are private by default R6#14.1
  • Adding Stakeholders fails R6#14.1
  • Duplicate screen on IE when managing teams R6#14.1
  • Opening private archived projects fails R6#14.1
  • HTML code in rich text fields is not displayed properly R6#14.2
  • When the team owner is changed the new one cannot update Product Owners and SHs R6#14.2
  • The error message displayed when a story cannot be moved because of its dependencies is not correct R6#14.2
  • Reducing a release deletes out of bounds sprints even if they have tasks so they are lost without warning R6#14.2
  • External users (LDAP) who are admin don’t have administration permissions R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Logging in to a project you don’t have access anymore leads to a misleading error message R6#14.2 [pro]
  • Missing MS SQL Server in DB setup wizard R6#14.3
  • Error when updating the settings or practices of a private project R6#14.3
  • Error when switching a public project to private R6#14.3
  • Error when you want to change database type in the settings view. R6#14.3 [pro]
  • Error when creating a new team in a new project R6#14.4
  • Closing a sprint from the release plan causes a JavaScript error R6#14.4
  • When closing a sprint, not done stories are moved to the next sprint in a wrong order R6#14.4
  • Story copy does not work in iceScrum Community R6#14.4
  • An user who is given administration permissions cannot update projects they don’t belong to R6#14.4 [pro]
  • An error is displayed when deleting a project which belongs to a bundle R6#14.4 [pro]
  • An error is displayed in the bundle timeline if there is no project R6#14.4 [pro]
  • Displaying a project dashboard when there are thousands of activities stored in the server is very slow R6#14.5
  • Tooltips are not displayed when hovering over post-its R6#14.5
  • ScrumMasters cannot change Product Owners / Stakeholders in project settings R6#14.5
  • Publishing stories from the sprint plan sometimes fails R6#14.6
  • Special characters in feature name are not displayed properly in feature selects in sandbox/backlog table view R6#14.6
  • Closing a sprint from the sprint plan after declaring a story as done causes a JS error R6#14.6
  • Updating a release sometimes fails R6#14.6
  • Sorting users by external/internal in user admin fails R6#14.6 [pro]
  • Stories shifted to the next sprint come after already planned stories, they should come before instead R6#14.7
  • Done stories are not displayed in sprint plan table view R6#14.7
  • Redirection to server URL does not work on IE R6#14.7
  • If notes imported from bug tracker are too large, an error is raised. They should be truncated instead R6#14.7 [pro]
  • When creating projet or changing its team, the search input doesn’t filter the team list R6#14.8
  • Searching teams in “My teams” as an administrator does not work R6#14.8
  • Datepickers in the project creation wizard prevent using valid dates in some cases R6#14.8
  • The window overflows without any way to scroll when closing a sprint with many stories R6#14.8
  • The iceScrum main menu cannot be opened on a 13″ monitor when there are many projects and project bundles R6#14.8
  • Displaying several HTML widgets in a single page raises errors R6#14.8 [pro]
  • It is possible to drop a task on “todo” and “in progress” column on a done story R6#14.9
  • Logging in with wrong credentials doesn’t display an error R6#14.9
  • RSS link provided on private project with disabled web services don’t work R6#14.9
  • HTTPS doesn’t work properly on the icescrum.jar release R6#14.9
  • Bugzilla 5 is not supported in bug tracker integration R6#14.9 [pro]
  • iceScrum doesn’t start on Oracle DBMS R6#14.11 [pro]
  • Status list is not displayed in Mantis BT Sync rules R6#14.11 [pro]

Upgrade procedure

  • iceScrum Pro Cloud or dedicated servers: we take care of upgrading for you
  • Others: depending on your installation, download icescrum.jar or icescrum.war here and follow the upgrade guide.

Published in

  • Nicolas Noullet
    About the Author:
    Nicolas Noullet works with Agile Methods, and in particular with Scrum, since 5 years at least. After joining Kagilum, he became the most active contributor on the iceScrum tool. Today he shares his time between training / teaching and the iceScrum development.


  • jpmorin / Reply

    Is it me or I can’t find any download link ?

  • Nicolas Noullet Post author / Reply

    It’s not you, thanks for the report! It is now included in the blog post and in the upgrade guide (there is no direct download link for the moment, you have to go through

  • Luis Silva / Reply


    I cannot find the community version of the R6#14.1 for Windows anywhere, only the 13.8. And when I download and install this .war (icescrum_R6_13.8), it says it’s version 13.3 (and comparing the two war files, they really seem to be the same, 13.3 and 13.8, they have the same file size, to the byte).


  • jvilleroux / Reply

    Hello Luis,
    Thanks for your message. There was indeed a problem regarding the link. It has been fixed and you can enjoy the new iceScrum now!
    Best regards,

  • 57453137 / Reply

    Hi Nicolas, I noticed that IceScrum is using utf-8 coding for web pages, but why when generating reports, such as ‘parking lot diagram’, the features, user stories that not in English will be displayed as ‘????’
    I tried Chinese and Japanese charaters for feature names, they will be shown as ‘????’
    there are also many similiar situations in other parts.

    In R6, the Chinese, Japanese characters can be shown correctly in web pages, but will be error in diagrams. If change the language to Cn, even the burndown chat will show ‘?????’

    when I try the R7, I even can’t create a feature with Chinese or Japanese characters, because all of them will be shown as ‘????’

    any suggestions for workaround? thanks!

  • Vincent Barrier / Reply

    Thank you fro your report we will take a look at this before the release;

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