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Published December 22, 2011

Version R4#2

This version R4#2 fixes bugs found in version R4#1 and adds a few improvements. Here they are in summary: Fixed bug preventing migration of R4 to PostgreSQL iceScrum now works with SQL server Fixed bug creating a task when Java 1.7 was being used Fixed display bug when enlarging a text box (e.g.”description” field during…

Published November 29, 2011

Version R4#1

This version R4#1 took a little longer to release than what we would have liked. Be that as it may, from now on we will be issuing more regular updates. Here is a summary of the major changes introduced in this new version: new push method bringing huge improvement in performance new management for teams…

Published May 29, 2011

Scrumban with iceScrum, a second example

Scrum and Kanban, there are many ways to get the best of both. Here is another way, following on from the previous example using tasks. Take note, this is not Kanban, but ScrumBan. For whom ? This approach is aimed at those of you who, having tried Scrum, have found the framework using sprints and…

Published May 23, 2011

ScrumBan with iceScrum

iceScrum was started a long time ago, long before there was any mention of Kanban in agile methodology. Scrum itself was still a recent term. When Grails migrated in 2010 we were already thinking about Kanban practices and how to gradually include them. With the present version of iceScrum, pure Kanban is not possible, but…

Published May 18, 2011

Version R3#11

The R3#11 should be the last one of the R3 release*. What’s new in the R3#11? New stories: As anyone, I can print from the dashboard all the stories in pdf format (4 stories per page) As anyone, I can publish from the Timeline view As a team member, I can choose which chart will…

Published April 27, 2011

Version R3#10 [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] Due to an issue between our timezone management and the HSQLDB, the R3#10 has been updated to R3#10.1. Upgrade from R3#9 / R3#10 to R3#10.1 is strongly recommended for people using the default bundle. Also, if you use HSQLDB without the bundle, add this value : -Duser.timezone=UTC to JAVA_OPTS variable in the /…

Published April 11, 2011

Version R3#9

After several sprints devoted to plugins (to appear in a few weeks with the R4), and getting the new community site up and running, a new version of iceScrum -R3#9 -has just been published by the development team. It can be downloaded as a bundle or a war from the Download page. What’s new in…

Published March 16, 2011

Version R3#8

Having just finished the last sprint, the team has just published a new version of iceScrum, the R3#8. It is available as a WAR or a bundle and has been put on our servers. What’s new in this R3#8 ? Practices : times for Scrum meetings can now be defined (to be used in the…

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