Version R4#2

By on 22 December 2011

This version R4#2 fixes bugs found in version R4#1 and adds a few improvements.

Here they are in summary:

  1. Fixed bug preventing migration of R4 to PostgreSQL
  2. iceScrum now works with SQL server
  3. Fixed bug creating a task when Java 1.7 was being used
  4. Fixed display bug when enlarging a text box (e.g.”description” field during story creation)
  5. If there is no next sprint, a message warns that tasks associated with unfinished stories may be lost on sprint closure
  6. It is now possible to modify several consecutive stories in the table-view of the backlog
  7. When a story is moved from the reduced backlog (in widget on left) to the release plan, it no longer appears in both places
  8. The avatars you choose with external images are correctly displayed
  9. Estimation of values associated with features is done with integer number series, whatever the practices adopted, e.g. Fibonacci
  10. The list My projects is now limited to 10 projets, avoiding a messy display when there are many projects. A button See more appears when there are more
  11. Pdf report generation for the sprint plan is once again working
  12. Accepting a story as a feature that resulted in a JSON display works again
  13. During a project import, task descriptions which were lost are now correctly imported
  14. Deleting a feature that has associated stories is now possible, the stories are of course retained but without any associated features

A number of known bugs remain:

  1. Tool tips for stories are not displayed in the release plan
  2. When iceScrum is installed in Tomcat and the server is stopped, it is possible that the Java process keeps running, which prevents installing a new version of iceScrum. First the process must be killed (on Linux and Mac, with the command ps -ax to retrieve the process identifier then a kill -1 with this number), then the icescrum directory removed from Webapps, the new war installed and then Tomcat restarted.


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