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Documentación Esta documentación se aplica solo a iceScrum v7.
Para el antiguo iceScrum R6, lea la documentación o migrate.

Customize the story workflow on your project and add the «Frozen» and «In review» states.


This App provides an way to visualize and modify the story workflow in iceScrum, which is composed of 8 states. In your project settings, the «Story workflow» section provides a diagram with the states, the story location in each state and the roles required to go from one state to another.

By default two of them are disabled: «Frozen» and «In review». After enabling this App, these states can be enabled by Product Owners and ScrumMasters, either by clicking on the states or on the buttons underneath.

  • The Frozen state provides an alternative to deletion that allows to keep stories that do not bring immediate value, but instead deserves to be stored for later use, e.g. an interesting idea that does not belong to the current release vision.
  • The In review state allows to indicate that the development on a story are done but that is has not be fully validated yet by the Product Owner.

This App replaces the Icebox App that previously provided the «Frozen» state.

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