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What is iceScrum?

iceScrum is a project management tool based on the Agile principles and the Scrum methodology. Learn about its features.

¿Cómo se usa iceScrum?

Si no conoce iceScrum, sigue la guía de inicio. Aprender sobre la metodología Scrum también es una buena idea ya que iceScrum la implementa.

Why choose iceScrum?

Because our tool is both easy to use and powerful, it stays true to agile methodologies while being open and flexible, and because our support team is awesome!

Can I get a demo of iceScrum?

Yes, you can book your demo online, we will be glad to show you the capabilities of iceScrum!

¿Cómo instalar iceScrum?

Puede usar iceScrum en nuestros Cloud servidores sin instalación o instalarlo en su propio servidor. Para hacerlo, sigue nuestra documentación o compra nuestro servicio de instalación.

Do you provide video tutorials?

Not yet, we are working on that! In the meantime,  you can book a live demo.

How can I delete my iceScrum account?

Send an email to from the email address you registered to iceScrum. We will then delete the account for you.

What languages are available?

iceScrum is available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

¿iceScrum es de código abierto?

Sí, el código fuente está disponible en GitHub. También apoyamos proyectos de código abierto al proporcionar alojamiento gratuito para proyectos públicos en nuestra plataforma Cloud.

Can iceScrum be used with a physical board?

Yes! For example you can define stories in iceScrum and use a physical task board. We also provide a smart toolkit to animate your agile meetings.

Can you train us?

If you speak French then yes, we can! We provide trainings to teach how to use iceScrum, to learn Scrum, or both.

I don't understand the meaning of...

Agile methodologies bring a lot of new terminology. Here are some of our definitions.

FAQ Precios

How can I get a trial version?

On the pricing page, first choose between "Cloud" and "On-Premise" and then click on "Start a trial" to a get a free 14 day trial including all the Apps & integrations.

¿iceScrum es gratis?

Sí pero limitado. La oferta Cloud Free permite que trabaje en 1 proyecto público y active 1 Apps. La versión On-Premise es gratis pero Apps & integraciones no están disponibles.

¿Cómo obtengo un presupuesto?

En la pagina "Precios", haga clic en "comprar ahora" debajo del producto que le interesa y haga clic en "Necesita un presupuesto". Si es un revendedor, marque la casilla correspondiente.

How many teams / users can I have in iceScrum?

The number of teams depends on your plan / license, refer to the pricing table. However, as opposed to many of our competitors, users are unlimited!

Do you provide discounts for educational purposes?

If our free plans are not enough, please contact us to get a 50% discount for all iceScrum paying plans / licenses other than the "Private Project" one.

¿Qué es un proyecto público?

Proyectos públicos están accesibles a todo el mundo mientras que solo los miembros pueden acceder a un proyecto privado.

FAQ Equipos

How to manage users in iceScrum?

By default, users register themselves and then you can add them to your projects. You can also invite users by email. Read our documentation to learn about detailed roles and permissions.

I can't add a user as Product Owner, why?

They are probably in your team as a simple member. To add them as Product Owner on a project, give them ScrumMaster permissions or remove them from the team.

I sent an invitation to a team member to join the team but they never received it. Why?

Be sure that you have to enter their email address, clicked on the suggestion to add the invitation and then click on "update" to validate your changes.