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Documentación Esta documentación se aplica solo a iceScrum v7.
Para el antiguo iceScrum R6, lea la documentación o migrate.

Improve your story planning thanks to the forecast of story completion date


Scrum is based on empiricism, using data gathered from experience to forecast of what may happen in the future in order to make appropriate decisions.

While uncertainty is significant at the beginning of a project, as the Scrum team gain experience projections get better so they help the Product Owner craft their backlog and communicate with their stakeholders.

When activated on an iceScrum project, this App uses available data to forecast the completion date of the stories from your Backlog and Sandbox. More specifically, it indicates in every story «details» view in which sprint the story is likely to be completed.

This forecast is based on the backlog ordering, mean velocity and story estimates. Alongside with it, a confidence index is provided to help you assess how much you should rely on it.

No person or tool can predict the future so even a «Good confidence» forecast should not be taken as a commitment to a date. It is rather intended to make the best guess according to current data to help you communicate honestly about the evolution of your product and prioritize your backlog accordingly.

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