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Documentación Esta documentación se aplica solo a iceScrum v7.
Para el antiguo iceScrum R6, lea la documentación o migrate.

Create virtual collaborative boards (Jams) with Jamboard by Google to collaborate in real-time on your project.



When it is enabled on your project, this App allows you to share an existing «Jam» for your collaborative sessions from iceScrum:

  1. From your project Dashboard, e.g. for Scrum events such as the Retrospective meeting,
  2. From the «Comments» tab of any feature, story or task, e.g. to brainstorm on a story.

Create & start a Jam meeting

From Jamboard by Google app:

  1. Select and open the Jam you want to share
  2. Click on the share button
  3. Copy the url of the Jam

From iceScrum Project from comments section of a task/story/feature or from the project dashboard:

  1. Click on the Jamboard by Google App icon
  2. Paste the URL of your Jam in the popup
  3. Close the popup

Note: You can rename the meeting name of your Jam inside iceScrum. It doesn’t change the name of your Jam on Jamboard.

Join a Jam meeting

Click on the Jam active meeting session from comments section of a task/story/feature or from the project dashboard. It will open a new browser tab with the Jam content.

Stop a Jam meeting

Click on the red cross button along the meeting inside iceScrum in order to stop it. It will not delete any content from your Jam on Jamboard by Google.

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