Version R5#4.1

By on 29 November 2012

Edit: the R5#4 is replaced by the R5#4.1 that adds a bug fix (impossible to close the last sprint of a release if it has undone stories).

The new version of iceScrum is here!

It is available either to download or online on iceScrum Cloud.

To write these release notes, we used the HTML export of the sprint note generated by iceScrum (with automatic hyperlink generation refering to the corresponding tasks and stories). This feature is available from the R5#3 version.

R5 – Sprint 3 (11/08/2012 – 11/23/2012)

New features and improvements

Bug fixes

Note about the bundle

Please note that the former bundle will not be available to download anymore. We replaced it by a brand new desktop application: iceScrum Server. Read the documentation and the story behind iceScrum Server.

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