Version R5#3

By on 08 November 2012

iceScrum R5#3 is out!

This version brings new features to enhance your agile experience:

Community version

– Improved finder: you can now search every iceScrum element (tasks, stories, features, actors) in the unified finder view. Various filters are available to help you finding exactly what you are looking for.
Improved finder

– Custom access rights for stakeholders: define the views that are available for stakeholders. All the views will now be accessible by default for stakeholders in new projects.

– End of sprint/release notes that sums up the finished stories and urgent tasks.

– Delivered versions for stories: provide the version in which the story is available for your users. Define a version for the whole sprint or use a custom one for the story.

– Affected version for defects stories: provide the version that is affected by a defect.

iceScrum Pro

Availabilities: manage team members availabilities in your sprints. Compare the expected availabilities with the actual ones. Easy integration: consume or create availabilities via the Web Services API.

Bug fixes:

Community version
– Wrong ranks in some cases. In most cases, if your ranks are messy, they will be fixed automatically when updating them.
– When the window is too small to display the toolbar, the toolbar display becomes messy.
– Sometimes, tooltips are stuck in the window when changing view.
– Click on update menu on a task in sprint plan table view causes an error.
– Team members cannot estimate stories in backlog table view.
– Missing UIDs on stories copied from features.
– Creating a project with a numbers-only key is allowed but the project isn’t accessible.

iceScrum Pro
– Commits aren’t saved in iceScrum when their message or file list are too large.

Upgrade procedure:

Backup your database,
– Stop Tomcat (check that it’s correctly stopped),
– Replace the old war with the new one,
– Delete the folder corresponding to the old war,
– Start Tomcat,
– Enjoy the new features!

Due to technical changes in cookie management, we also recommend that your users clean their cookies for iceScrum after the upgrade.

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