Version R5#2.3

By on 18 October 2012

This version brings fixes for the following bugs:

Community version
– Widgets aren’t closed when the corresponding window is opened.
– Widget cannot be resized when they have 3 or less elements.
– Sometimes, when updating the dates of a release, a previous release is updated with wrong dates.
– Unexpected behavior on project creation (date reset, error).
– Some elements aren’t updated in the browser, refresh is needed.
– Display errors with Chrome 22.
– It’s impossible to delete all tags on an element.
– The import wizard doesn’t close after import.
– No refresh on sprint activation/closing.
– Wrong behavior of archived products.
– Stories report generates sprint report instead.
– Displayed postits instead of row after a search and table view selected

iceScrum Pro
– In some projects, commits aren’t saved in iceScrum.
– It’s impossible to enter usernames when creating users in the user administration.
– iceScrum settings aren’t properly saved on Windows.
– It’s impossible to change the sprint filter when having a big team (> 15 members).

Here are some improvements:

Community version
– Tags are now displayed in the task details view.

iceScrum Pro
– Anonymous connection is now available for LDAP, Manager credentials are no longer needed.
– LDAP Group search can now be disabled (recommended because group search isn’t used for the moment).

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