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Version 7 Beta 7

September 27, 2016


Here comes iceScrum 7.0.0-beta.7.

This version brings the “Team availability” feature back, making a new step towards a final release. It works as before, including the recent addition of the useful Sprint Burndown Chart that compares the remaining time to the remaining availability.

Team availability

Apart from that, this new beta also fixes a few bugs and improves the overall performance of the application.

For any feedback (improvements of defect), you can create a story in our Sandbox: If you have any question, let us know in the comments section below!

We are now implementening the last “must-have” features so are now very close to the functional scope we want for a first public release!

Thanks for all the great feedback we receive. We are very glad to know that this version will be enjoyed both by our longstanding users and the newcomers.

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  • Nicolas Noullet
    About the Author:
    Nicolas Noullet works with Agile Methods, and in particular with Scrum, since 5 years at least. After joining Kagilum, he became the most active contributor on the iceScrum tool. Today he shares his time between training / teaching and the iceScrum development.

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  • John / Reply

    Good, I’m still waiting for R7 version, the lack of support for java 8 in the current version keeps me away from icescrum, all my servers runs java 8 for more than a year ago, and a Java 9 isn’t far away from come to light. Icescrum looks like a useful tool, I hope the support for Java 8 comes soon (and maybe already prepared for future Java releases). Keep the good work!

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