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Obsolete iceScrum documention (R6#14+) This documentation applies only to old iceScrum R6. For new iceScrum v7, click here.

When working on a task, you will probably need to edit your project source code. Switching back and forth between iceScrum and your IDE may be a hassle. To tackle this issue, we developed a tool that allows you to manage your iceScrum tasks directly from Intellij IDEA.


You need to install the iceScrum for IntelliJ plugin from your IDE settings.

You may need to restart IntelliJ after installing the plugin.


First, you need to enable Web Services in iceScrum.

Then, in your IntelliJ project settings, create a new iceScrum Task server with your project base URL and your credentials.

Don’t forget to test your connection.

Task management

You should find your current sprint tasks in the task dropdown.

Then, you can choose your current task and start working on it.

Additional information is displayed in the Documentation view.

Finally, you can open the task in iceScrum for more advanced needs.

Link commits and tasks

Tasks -> Commits

In your IntelliJ iceScrum task server settings, you can enable auto commit message completion based on your current task. This is handy when you use the iceScrum Pro Git/SVN integration: your commit will be associated with the corresponding task in iceScrum.

Commits -> Tasks

In your Intellij Version Control preferences, you can allow automatic task recognition in your commits.

Here are example values that should achieve that for the project MYPROJ on
– Issue ID: (.*)T(d+)-?(d+.d+|d+,d+|d+)?(.*)
– Issue link:$2

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