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Obsolete iceScrum documention (R6#14+) This documentation applies only to old iceScrum R6. For new iceScrum v7, click here.

With iceScrum publication capabilities, you can easily export iceScrum views as documents, which are great for printing purposes. However, it is not suitable to display iceScrum information in web documents.

iceScrum Pro allows you to include actual iceScrum views in your online documents: website, wiki, etc., by defining embedded widgets.



For security purposes, the ability to create embedded widgets is limited to Product Owners and Scrum Masters.

Embedded widgets are read-only. In addition to that, usual security restrictions regarding access to iceScrum views apply. Thus, if you aren’t currently logged in to iceScrum, you may have to log in through the widget in order to see its content (e.g. to display the sprint plan).

Please note that the widget feature is available by default. You can disable it from the server administration, in the settings view. Both widget definition panel and existing widgets will be disabled.

Widget definition

You can create widgets from your project settings.

Available settings are:
View: the view to embed: dashboard, backlog, sprint plan, etc.,
Content: the content to display: post-its, table, charts,
Custom title: title used in the widget header (by default, the view title is used),
Height: height of the widget,
Width: width of the widget,
Display widget header: whether to display the widget header,
Display widget footer: whether to display the widget footer,
Code to embed: HTML code you will have to copy/paste in your document (webpage or content editor).

Depending on the view you choose, you may have to define additional settings. For instance, if you want to embed the sprint plan, you can choose the sprint to display.

You can use the “preview” button to display the widget you configured. When it looks good for you, you can copy/paste the “Code to embed” content to your document.

Widget definition

An example is worth a thousand words, here is an embedded widget for the iceScrum Project:

Please note that if nothing is displayed in your browser, this is because our iceScrum server doesn’t use https whereas the current page uses it. In some browsers (e.g. Firefox), you can allow non-https content to be loaded from a specific page. You can do so in order to display the embedded widget.

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