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Obsolete iceScrum documention (R6#14+) This documentation applies only to old iceScrum R6. For new iceScrum v7, click here.

You can attach documents to iceScrum items by uploading them from your computer. However, cloud services that provide a way to store and edit your documents online are useful. Thus, iceScrum Pro allows you to seamlessly attach your cloud documents from Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.


You will find the cloud storage settings in the “settings” menu of the admin account. If you use iceScrum Cloud or our dedicated server hosting services then everything is already configured for you!

These settings allow you to enable/disable the cloud storage feature for the available services. Connection to these services is done through OAuth so your users don’t have to enter their credentials in iceScrum.

In order to safely integrate iceScrum with a third party service (Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive), you need to make your iceScrum Server and the corresponding service know each others.

The integrations requires that the service knows your iceScrum server URL and that iceScrum knows the application API Key. Here is how to do so:

Google Drive (Link)
Start by creating a project with a name of your choice (that may take a few seconds). The API & Auth section provides the settings required to set up the integration.

First, enable the Google API used by iceScrum: Google Picker API.

Then, browse the Credentials section and create a new OAuth Client ID of type Web application, enter your iceScrum server domain in the AUTHORIZED JAVASCRIPT ORIGINS field and the iceScrum server URL followed by /cloudStorage/oauth in the AUTHORIZED REDIRECT URI field.

You also need to create an API Key of type Browser and provide the URL of your iceScrum Server followed by /*.

Finally, you can enter the Client ID and the API Key in your iceScrum settings (don’t forget to enable the Google Drive storage).

Dropbox (Link)
Create an app of type Drop-ins. Enter your server domain in the Domains field.

Then, enter the corresponding App Key in your iceScrum settings (don’t forget to enable the Dropbox storage).

Note: this service allows connections from localhost. The default API Key provided with iceScrum should work for localhost connections.

Microsoft OneDrive (Link, Documentation)
Create the application, go to the application settings page, go to the API settings and enter your server URL in the redirect domain field.

Then, enter the corresponding Client ID in the Live Connect API Key field and (don’t forget to enable the OneDrive storage).

Note: this service doesn’t allow connections from localhost.


In iceScrum, you can add attachments to tasks, features and stories when creating or updating them. If any cloud storage service is enabled in your iceScrum settings, it will be available in addition to the regular attachment feature.

The use of Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive services requires the appropriate configuration (see above).

When choosing the cloud service (you may need to accept pop-ups from your browser), you have direct access to your cloud storage. If you are not logged in, you will have to enter your credentials directly in the cloud service.

The integration is completely transparent so uploaded and cloud attachments from the different services will appear at the same place. A tooltip displays the origin of the attachment: the service and the author.

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