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Obsolete iceScrum documention (R6#14+) This documentation applies only to old iceScrum R6. For new iceScrum v7, click here.

The Icebox is an alternative to deletion that allows you to keep a history of rejected stories. Frozen stories cannot be updated. A frozen story can be restored at any time.


Freeze a story

The Product Owner can move story to the iceBox (freeze them) by clicking on the delete button of a story menu or from the toolbar. Then, a dialog allows to choose between freezing and deleting the selected stories.

If “Delete” is chosen, the story is definitely lost. If “Freeze” is chosen, the story is moved to the Icebox.

Just as the regular deletion, freezing is available for Sandbox and the Backlog. Please note that a story coming from the backlog will loose its rank and effort estimation.

Update a frozen story

A frozen story cannot be updated.

However, it’s still possible to discuss it by adding comments in the details view. These comments may explain why it has been frozen or lead to restore it.

Restore a frozen story

Sometimes, it may make sense to bring the story back to the regular story workflow. You can choose to bring it to the Sandbox by clicking on the “Restore” menu button (for more that one story, use the toolbar button).

If you think that a story is now well defined and may bring significant value to your users, you can accept it directly just like a suggested story in the Sandbox.

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