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Welcome to!

June 04, 2015

Hello everybody,

Our new website is the perfect opportunity to give a new start to this blog, so welcome to!

Until now and for historical reasons we had two websites:
–, dedicated to the open source version of iceScrum,
–, dedicated to the professional features and services we have been developing for 4 years now.

Both served the same goal: promote agile methodologies and help agile teams succeed in their projects. However, it was often hard for you to know which one to use to answer your needs. Thus, we have decided to merge them into a single new site:

Regardless of whether you are a free user of iceScrum Community or a customer of paying services, everything you need is now here on

What will stay the same?

Our commitment to iceScrum and its users remains the same.

We don’t want you to loose anything in the change, that means that we will keep investing into the open source version while trying to offer the best professional services.

What is new?

Pricing page

Our pricing page lets you choose among all iceScrum products (open source and paying) in one glance:
– iceScrum Pro Cloud (formerly known as iceScrum Cloud), hosted in the cloud,
– iceScrum Pro Standalone (formerly known as iceScrum Pro) that you host, which will be available in several flavors: Enterprise (same as before) and more to come soon,
– iceScrum Community that you host, (formerly known as iceScrum).

pricing cloud

Choose the product that fits your needs, download or signup and you are ready to start your agile projects!

Feature page

There you will find the details about all the versions of iceScrum and their features in a single page. You can also compare the different products and services in the blink of an eye thanks to the “Compare editions” feature.

Support page

All the help you need is on the “Support” page:
– Documentation: all the documentation is now accessible without needing to register/login and now includes a search engine,
– Premium support: our paying customers get support by email, phone and remote assistance,
– Community: the forums were previously hosted on Now this is where everybody, including iceScrum Community users, can get help.

My account page

Your personal information is on “My account”. It is also the place where you can upgrade/downgrade your iceScrum Pro Cloud plans and iceScrum Pro Standalone licenses. Former iceScrum Cloud users will notice that there is no more project / team management, they are now included directly into iceScrum.

Single sign-on for iceScrum Pro Cloud

Another improvement is the the single sign-on (SSO). When you log into either iceScrum Pro Cloud ( or on the website ( you are automatically logged into the other.

What’s next?

The release of this website is just the start of our work to improve your experience! It will be updated soon with new iceScrum Pro Standalone licenses, more documentation and the release of a new version of iceScrum, we will tell you more about that in upcoming blog posts.

You may have heard about the big redesign of iceScrum that we are working on under the name “iceScrum R7”. We are happy to see that many of you are impatient to use it and the work is still in progress. You will be able to try it soon!

Anyway, stay tuned and enjoy!

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