Version R6#3

By on 06 March 2013

Hello everybody,

Here is a new version of iceScrum. Due to stability issues, we chose not to release publicly the version at the end of Sprint 2. Consequently, this version includes the work of both the Sprint 2 and 3. For consistency purpose, the version is named after the latter.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: a manual operation is required for Tomcat 6 users!

This operation will prevent the following error: “java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/servlet/http/Part”

  • Instructions: as for every upgrade, don’t forget to backup your database. Then, choose one of the following:
    – Migrate to Tomcat 7. If you can, prefer that solution. If so, don’t forget to delete the tomcatDir/lib/tomcat-jdbc.jar jar as indicated in the install guide.
    – Add the geronimo-servlet_3.0_spec-1.0.jar jar to the Tomcat 6 lib directory.
  • Explanation: In order to provide the best experience, we upgrade the libraries we use when it brings value. An upgrade of the Atmosphere framework require the above change (in order to use Servlet 3.0). This upgrade allows better performances and prepares for WebSocket use. In the future, Tomcat 6 support will be dropped in order to give priority to new technologies.

R6#3 – Sprint 2 (01/29/2013 – 02/08/2013)
and Sprint 3 (02/09/2013 – 03/01/2013)

New features and improvements

Bug fixes

  • ICESCRUM-443 – Information lost when copying story (attachments, comments…)
  • ICESCRUM-469 – Only US date format is supported for English locale
  • ICESCRUM-616 – Wrong maximum hours in sprint burndown
  • ICESCRUM-610 – Wrong release displayed by default in Release Plan
  • ICESCRUM-486 – Empty lines aren’t displayed in comments and acceptance tests
  • ICESCRUM-487 – Emails not sent if one address is not correct
  • ICESCRUM-463 – Finder filters disappear with 110% zoom
  • ICESCRUM-596 – Order of task type (urgent / recurrent) dropdown isn’t consistent
  • ICESCRUM-594 – Sprint Plan not shown if no sprint left
  • ICESCRUM-597 – When a permalinks requires login, logging in doesn’t redirect to the initial link
  • ICESCRUM-611 – Attachment links in Quickviews are broken
  • ICESCRUM-488 – Story links in RSS feed are broken
  • ICESCRUM-612 – Embedded release chart widgets have useless “close” button
  • ICESCRUM-618 – Tooltips don’t disappear when changing view type (post-it / table)
  • ICESCRUM-495 – “Choose” button to attach documents isn’t displayed for certain locales
  • ICESCRUM-500 – Attachments lost when updating an element in table view
  • ICESCRUM-626 – Release plan keeps loading indefinitely if the release title contains quotes
  • ICESCRUM-628 – Brazilian locale displays English
  • ICESCRUM-498 – Project / release / sprint documents can’t be attached (iceScrum Cloud)

Don’t forget that you can now try iceScrum Pro for free and evaluate its features. More information on the product page and in the documentation.

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