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Version R3#9

April 11, 2011

After several sprints devoted to plugins (to appear in a few weeks with the R4), and getting the new community site up and running, a new version of iceScrum -R3#9 -has just been published by the development team. It can be downloaded as a bundle or a war from the Download page.

What’s new in this R3#9 ?

  1. iceScrum now speaks Spanish, as well as French, English and German (which has been improved in this new version), thanks to the efforts of Adrian Moya
  2. A story (estimated) from the backlog can now be directly associated with a sprint without having to go via the Release plan (drag and drop with the product backlog widget)
  3. Timezone management
  4. Improved performance

Bugs corrected :

  • sprint burndown was incorrect when 2 tasks had the same name (forum),
  • a feature with special characters in its description couldn’t be put in the backlog,
  • in the Sprint Plan view filtered by “My tasks”, moving the last visible task of a story wrongly caused this story to be classed as finished, even if there were unfinished tasks from other users for this story (forum),
  • a newly created release could not be activated (forum),
  • the tasks of a dissociated story were not deleted, causing a crash for this story later on,
  • during sprint activation with the option create a task if none is present, a task was created even though one already existed,
  • importing previous versions in special cases,
  • in the table view, the dates were incorrect.

Improved ergonomics :

  • a global exception for database problems has been defined,
  • lists for values can be longer (story).

Installation guidelines have been published : simple installation for the bundle and installing the war on a serveur.

[download_button bundle=”true” button=”Download bundle”] [download_button bundle=”false” button=”Download war”]


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