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    We installed originally using the JAR and H2 for a single department.
    Now everyone wants to use iceScrum. Lots of excitement on being able to use something that just makes sense out of the box.

    So I need to properly stabilize things for a production level.
    I have a single Windows server and I am having (as you can image) issues with multiple Instances.

    I have the JAR running, so teams can continue to work.
    I have been exporting the projects periodically to get ready to import into the new instance.

    I have installed Tomcat & MySQL.
    I have installed the WAR and have it running.

    However, when I walk through the setup wizard, it fails to save the configuration (as outlined in

    I need some other way of migrating between the 2 types of implementations and databases.

    Any assistance?


    Nicolas Noullet

    You should have received an email!

    For the record, one option is the one mentioned in the post you linked: using two different system users to start the two different installations of iceScrum concurrently.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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