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    I am running an older ICESCRUM community edition version R6#3
    I would like to upgrade to R6_14.1 which requires me to have an MySQL DB

    How can I get the information out of the old HSQLDB in a format to allow import into a new MySQL DB?


    Nicolas Noullet

    The R6#14.1 version does not require MySQL: just as the R6#3 it can work with HSQLDB.

    However, as explained in our documentation, the use of HSQLDB is not recommend for real life usages because it is not reliable.

    The procedure to migrate from a DBMS to another consists in exporting your projects from iceScrum itself and importing them when you have switched to the new DBMS.


    It has been a while but I am finally attempting this.

    I can’t find anyway to export my projects from IceScrum HSQLDB.

    I have tried to use the MySQL Migration Toolkit (as described at: but it finds nothing.

    How do I enable exporting projects?


    Nicolas Noullet

    If you don’t use iceScrum Pro then you will have to export each project individually. To do so, you need to login with either the ScrumMaster or Product Owner permissions and open the project menu > Export.

    If the menu is not visible then it indicates that exports are disabled in your configuration (config.groovy). The corresponding configuration entry is:

    It is true by default but you may have changed it. Either remove this from your config:

    Or change it to:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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