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    Hi – I have introduced IceScrum to my team – I am Scrum Master. It is a cool tool BUT 😀
    I have a few questions:
    1. How to change order of tasks permanently – it is important to me during meetings, to see state of story.
    2. Why tasks within a story are not sorted by its ID? How to change it?
    3. Why, after any operation on the board, like update of task, the board is scrolled up to the beginning? How to change it?
    4. How to search using words from tasks or at least tasks IDs – currently search works only on stories, and I can not filter tasks assigned only to one person, not currently logged into system.
    5. I would like to use drag&drop feature to change order of stories, also in Post-it and in Table view.
    6. I would like to resize columns of tables and do basic sorting of its content.

    For the moment that’s it.

    Can you do these improvements ASAP – it is very annoying to use it in such form – I gave myself one sprint for testing this tool….


    Nicolas Noullet


    1. 2. 3. have no “business” justification, you can consider them as bugs. We plan to fix them but it won’t be available before the end of you sprint. Bugs follow our regular Scrum workflow and must be submitted to prioritization according to their severity and their value compared to other user stories / defect stories.

    4. When searching in the sprint plan, iceScrum performs the search both on tasks and stories. If you type a number, iceScrum tries to match a task ID so if you type a task ID, it should display only the corresponding task. In addition to that, iceScrum Pro provides the ability to filter tasks according to their responsible.

    5. In the backlog view, you can use drag&drop to change the order of stories. For planned stories, you can do that in the release plan. There is no way to do that in the sprint plan because this place is dedicated to the work during the sprint (mainly on tasks) and not story planification / prioritization.

    6. You can change the sorting order of most of tables, the sprint plan is an exception because tasks are grouped by story (but I agree that one may want to sort inside the story). Table columns can’t be resized.

    Please note that we are working on significant changes in the user interface and we take into account user feedback to provide a better user experience. However, we can’t answer the needs of every user.



    > 3. Why, after any operation on the (sprint planning) board, like update of task,
    > the board is scrolled up to the beginning? How to change it?


    I don’t think this issue is fixed yet in R6#12.1. This is my number one usability complaint. It is a ‘paper-cut’ problem in the UI that is noticed by many in the team and is hurting. There is a danger my mouse wheel will wear out! 🙂

    I have not seen a “back” button/link after navigating to a story/task to go back to the sprint plan, is there one?


    Nicolas Noullet

    We are currently developing a whole new UI that should address most of these issues and make iceScrum more pleasant to use! Stay tuned!



    This question in regards to 4.
    When will the filtering tasks by responsibility be available in the free version ? Its been couple of years now that this functionality is not available.


    Nicolas Noullet

    This feature is provided in iceScrum Pro.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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