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    is it possible to insert an image (attachment) by name e.g. in a vision description?



    Nicolas Noullet

    Hi Thomas,

    I am not sure that I understand your question, what do you mean by “by name”?

    Anyway, if that is what you want, it is possible to insert an image in any rich text field. However, please note that this is done by providing an URL to an image that is already hosted. To do so, click on the “picture” icon in the rich text toolbar and provide the URL and an alternate text describing it.

    The release vision is a rich text field, so it will work there.

    If your image is not available online, you can first attach it to the release, then preview it, right click to copy the image URL, and then use it in the vision as described above.

    Does this help?



    Hi Nicolas,

    I attached the image to the release and used the URL in the vision.
    But if I export the project and import it again, the URL is not valid anymore.



    Nicolas Noullet


    You are right, this is a limitation of the solution I suggested. If you need a stable URL then the best option is to use an external hosting provider.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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