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    Is there any support for creating and tracking impediments in iceScrum?

    In our project, we have just identified our first impediment (Sprint 2).
    We were looking for a way of logging and tracking impediments with iceScrum, but could not find a way. In the documentation there are no matches when we enter the term “Impediment”.


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    Vincent Barrier

    Hi John,

    it really depends what kind of impediments do you have:

    – Is it something that have been identified during the retrospective?
    => You can create stories (with type technical and maybe a tag) as action to fix the impediment

    – Is it something that block someone of the during a sprint?
    => You can display a “block sign” on a task and create urgent tasks to unblock the thing

    Also you can use the retrospective rich text to display them on the project dashboard using bold / checkbox etc..
    => Always the last retrospective is shown

    Let me know if it helps

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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