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    Hi all,

    I have a icescrum server v7.35.2 configured as instructed. I would like it to use SSL to connect to it. What should I do, what changes should I make?


    Nicolas Noullet


    Do you use the iceScrum .war or .jar distribution?

    While the SSL connection could be configured at the iceScrum level, we usually recommend using a “reverse proxy” in front of iceScrum to handle it. The upside is that this is a very common thing to do so people usually have experience doing it and many resources are available online.

    The two most popular reverse proxies are Apache and Nginx. Our documentation provides insights about how to configure them for iceScrum:

    Please note that configuring a system to be used in production, especially in a secure fashion, requires a specific set of knowledge and skills (from the DevOps / System administration / Operations fields…).

    Once the proxy is properly configured, you need to tell iceScrum that it will be accessed through https:



    Hi, thanks for your answer.
    I am using the .jar distribution. I have seen the steps on the documentation you sent. Such notes does not explain whether they will work with a .jar or .war, or both. Since you ask I believe there is something you need to do depending on the type of distribuition you are using. I wonder if them will work with a .jar distribution. Will it work?

    Thanks again.


    Nicolas Noullet


    If you use a proxy to define the SSL connection then the proxy configuration is the same regardless of the distribution.

    The only part that is dependent on the distribution is the one where the distinction is made in the documenation:

    Tomcat + icescrum.war:
    Add the scheme and proxyPort attributes to your connector in server.xml: (…)
    Add the httpsProxy=true option in the startup command.
    See the corresponding documentation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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