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    when I add acceptance criteria to a story the field is automatically partially filled with Gherkin syntax i.e. Given, When, Then.
    I want to know if I can determine what is entered automatically here i.e. is ICEScrum using a template for this and is there a possibility of editing this template or using another customized template?
    Reason: I am using ICEScrum for a project in Germany, the common language used by the scrum team is German and as-is we have the acceptance criteria beginning with the words “Given, When, Then” but the rest in German – not a great user experience!


    Nicolas Noullet


    The reason for this incomplete translation is that there is actually no official support for German anymore as the application changed significantly and the German translation did not keep up with it.

    However what was already translated is still available for users who configured the German language in their profile while it was supported, which I guess is your case.

    Most of the german translation is part of the open source version of iceScrum and we would be glad to bring it back if community members are willing to update the translation files. If you are interested, please let us know!



    Dear Nicolas,

    thank you for the swift reply!

    Unfortunately, German is not offered when selecting a language in my profile. However, this was not my issue. I wanted to know how to set up a template for my stories with German content and reuse this template when creating new stories.
    I found out how to do this using the template “app” – although it is not really a template, more like an instance of a sample story. So far so good!
    Now another question: when defining the acceptance tests, via the “Tests” tab, the text-editor offers me the possibility of formatting the text so that I can render certain words in Bold, Italic etc. I like this feature!
    However, when I write the description the story via the “Details” tab, it is just plain text. How do I enable the tools for formatting the description of the story similar to the acceptance tests. I could not find anything in the documentation about this.

    Best Regards,


    Nicolas Noullet

    Dear John,

    I misunderstood your statement: “…but the rest in German”: I thought that you had part of the application translated in German, which can happen. I now understand that you meant that the acceptance text you write is in German, sorry!

    Anyway the “Given When Then” template is part of the translation files and it is not configurable manually. If one day the German translation is back, then the template will be translated as well (for example in French it is “En tant que…”).

    Using “story templates” is one way to work around that but you have to create a bunch of “empty” acceptance tests on the sample story. Indeed, “Instance of a sample story” is more accurate but we had to find a shorter name!

    The story description does not support rich text because it is intended to be concise, simple and homogeneous
    across stories. To provide more details and specific information on stories, we recommend using the “notes” field that is longer (up to 5000 characters) and supports rich text.



    Dear Nicola,

    thanks. I agree “concise, simple and homogeneous”, but why does that rule out the use of formatting?
    Just as in the acceptance tests, the use of Gherkin language is emphasised by bold lettering, I would like to emphasise the use of the user story keywords i.e.

    I want
    so that

    using bold type. This helps to focus the writer’s/reader’s attention on the correct format of a user story.
    Just an idea, maybe you can consider it for a future version?

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    Nicolas Noullet


    Thanks for your quick answer!

    The reason is that rich text may be easily “abused” in this field by using bold, italic, bullet points, hyperlinks, embedded images… So maybe rather than custom formatting, what the description would need is an automatic emphasize of the template? It is not easy to implement but as you suggest it would probably improve readability!

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