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All you need for your
Agile project management

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iceScrum helps you materialize your vision, makes it visible to your teams and ensures that it stays up-to-date as business knowledge grows

Team oriented
Time saver
Shared vision

Manage your Backlog

Create stories to represent the main features of your product and organize requirements with a simple yet powerful visual representation.


Bridge the gap between development and operation by creating agile teams that continuously release new valuable increments of product to end users

Large scale with SAFe and LeSS

Scale up Scrum with ease, coordinate the work between your feature teams and get a high-level vision of their progress with SAFe, LeSS and more...

Plan milestones with confidence

Ensure that deadlines are always met and that the right amount of work is planned in every iteration to ensure predictable progress
In progress

Monitor key indicators of success

Get a big picture of your projects thought both agile and custom indicators that allow you to make informed decisions and stay on target

  • Cloud
  • Easy to use no installation, no maintenance
  • Safe HTTPS encryption and daily backups
  • Flexible monthly or annual plans adapted to your needs
  • On Premise
  • Customise and integrate in your IT infrastructure
  • Externalize user identify management (LDAP, SSO, SAML...)
  • Control and store your data on your own servers

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All you need for your Agile project management