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Documentation Cette documentation ne s'applique qu'à iceScrum v7.
Pour un vieux serveur iceScrum R6, lisez la documentation correspondante ou migrez.

Create videoconferences with Zoom to discuss your iceScrum items and organize your Scrum events.



Zoom is a cloud video conferencing, online meetings and group messaging solution.

When it is enabled on your project, you need to open the App settings and connect iceScrum to your Zoom account.

Then, this App allows you to create Zoom videoconference meetings from iceScrum:

  • From your project Dashboard, e.g. for Scrum events such as the Daily Scrum or the Sprint Planning meetings,
  • From the « Comments » tab of any feature, story or task, e.g. to discuss business rules or perform pair programming.

When a Zoom meeting is created, everyone browsing the project is informed by a notification. All ongoing meetings are displayed on the project dashboard, whether they were created from there or from an item « Comments » tab.

You must be Team member, Product Owner or ScrumMaster in order to create Zoom meetings on a project. A meeting can be renamed or stopped at any time by the user who created it in addition to Product Owners and ScrumMasters.


1 – Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2 – Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the Gmail app.

3 – Click the Gmail app.

4 – Click Uninstall.

Alternative you can remove the App from iceScrum

1 – Login to your iceScrum project and navigate to the project settings

2 – Click Zoom > Disable & delete settings

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