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Documentation Cette documentation ne s'applique qu'à iceScrum v7.
Pour un vieux serveur iceScrum R6, lisez la documentation correspondante ou migrez.

The companion mobile App for iceScrum

iceScrum Companion

This App allows connecting the iceScrum Companion mobile App (Android & iOS) with your iceScrum projects!

The mobile App is called « iceScrum Companion » because it is not intended to replace iceScrum (which is already available on mobile platforms in a responsive web version), it is here to enhance your experience alongside with iceScrum!

As a Scrum Master, even if you do not have your computer at hands you can get a quick and clear overview of the task board and the corresponding indicators to be sure that nothing prevents the team reaching the Sprint Goal.

As a Developer, you have full control over your tasks: create tasks, update tasks (name, description, remaining time), take tasks, block tasks and of course mark some as done! It helps you keeping the tasks up to date in the tool even if when you are not behind your computer. It may also come in handy on your way to the Daily Scrum!

Last but not least, the App provides a new unique feature: as a Scrum Master, you can update the virtual task board from an actual physical sticky-note task board!


On the server side, it is enabled by default and can be disabled on dedicated / on-premise servers by the server Administrator. It is available for paying offers (On-Premise licenses or Cloud subscriptions)

Step 1: Install the free Companion App on your mobile phone:

Step 2: Once the App is installed, select the server:

  • Cloud platform: By default, is used. If you have a Cloud subscription you are already al set, you can skip to step 3!
  • Business server or On-premise Server: If you have your own server then you have to change the address and provide the one of your server. For security reasons, only server offering https encryption will work. Also, if your On-premise server is on a restricted network (e.g. an intranet) then your phone will have to be connected to this specific network. Finally, the server needs to be at least iceScrum version 7.54.

Step 3: Log into iceScrum in order to give Companion the permission to access your projects.

Step 4: Open a project from the list.

Step 5: Manage your project

  • Tasks: like in iceScrum, manage your tasks for the current sprint.
  • Scanner: update your iceScrum task board by scanning the columns of a physical sticky notes task board. The Scanner allows you to update your iceScrum virtual task board according to a physical task board. To be recognized, each physical sticky note must include its numerical identifier from iceScrum. Scan is done one column after the other by scanning each sticky note individually. Press one button at the bottom of the screen to start scanning a column and swipe left or right to switch column.
  • Indicators: browse the indicators from the current sprint and the project.

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