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    Importing not the first, but a subsequent project I get this error.
    How do I get around that?


    Vincent Barrier
    Maître des clés


    Are you trying to import projects on the v7? Could you give the used version?




    Oh yes. I thought that was kinda obvious posting on the migration forum.

    Source IceScrum:
    Version : R6#14.13 Pro Standalone (What’s new in iceScrum?)
    Server ID : 4a19b7f6-cd67-d736-343a-f4b9834adad9
    Build date : Wed May 10 15:34:26 UTC 2017
    S.C.R. : #UNKNOWN
    Build : #437
    Build ID : 437
    Build TAG : jenkins-iceScrum_Pro-437
    Env. :
    Grails version : 1.3.9
    Java version : 1.7.0_80
    Server version : Apache Tomcat/7.0.70

    Destination IceScrum:
    Version Pro Standalone


    Nicolas Noullet
    Maître des clés


    In order to allow authentication by email as an alternative to the username, two different users cannot have the same email address anymore. You should be able to provide an alternative email address for the conflicting user but it doesn’t work in your version.

    This issue is solved in the latest version. You can download it here: (jar) (war)

    Upgrade procedure:



    Hi Nicolas,

    Sorry – but no cigar. Issue persists. I believe (no telling if it applies) that I myself is the root of the problem.
    I set both systems up and started the project that fails migration. Thus I am the only email common to the two systems at the moment.
    Is there some more debug I can activate and copy to you which will enable us to get a handle on this issue?
    If I look at a project exported from the v7 and compare <user> tags will that provide any info?


    Vincent Barrier
    Maître des clés


    I just tried the build 701 – sorry – it still fails with the same email already in use error.

    I tried extracting myself from the exported v7 project (exported from v6 in v7 mode) but that didn’t change anything. I am a bit puzzled because the other developers entities do not appear in the already migrated projects.
    I think I will set another virtual machine up to see if I can provide you with a set of import files showing you the issue. Are you at all interested in that? It would be a maximum of 5 files and not very big at that.

7 sujets de 1 à 7 (sur un total de 7)

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