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    We installed originally using the JAR and H2 for a single department.
    Now everyone wants to use iceScrum. Lots of excitement on being able to use something that just makes sense out of the box.

    So I need to properly stabilize things for a production level.
    I have a single Windows server and I am having (as you can image) issues with multiple Instances.

    I have the JAR running, so teams can continue to work.
    I have been exporting the projects periodically to get ready to import into the new instance.

    I have installed Tomcat & MySQL.
    I have installed the WAR and have it running.

    However, when I walk through the setup wizard, it fails to save the configuration (as outlined in

    I need some other way of migrating between the 2 types of implementations and databases.

    Any assistance?


    Nicolas Noullet
    Maître des clés

    You should have received an email!

    For the record, one option is the one mentioned in the post you linked: using two different system users to start the two different installations of iceScrum concurrently.

2 sujets de 1 à 2 (sur un total de 2)

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