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    I wanted to report a bug about the format of dates:

    From an UX perspective, I expect dates to be formated accordingly to my browser locale, in my case: « 18/03/2022 ».

    Instead, the application seems to mix the preferred local of each of it developers:

    – 03/18 : in the burndown and other graphs
    – Mar 18 : in the planning view, the list of sprints in the release.
    – 18/03/2022 : in the start and end dates of the sprint side dialogs

    As a user, I expect
    1) dates to be in a coherent format
    2) dates to be in the format of my browser locale.

    Have a greate day.



    Any moderator to kick this (ChinaEnefs) bot out?


    Nicolas Noullet
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    Thank you for the report and sorry for the bot spam.

    There is indeed a consistency issue in the way dates are formatted.

    Some inconsistencies are due to the fact that historically iceScrum rendered some content in the backend. Thus, dates are formatted partly according to the locale defined on your profile.

    You can change it to « English » (the default one for several years now) instead of « English (United States) » so that all the « 03/18 » will turn into « 18/03 ».

    We added an item to our Product Backlog to register the need for more consistency.

3 sujets de 1 à 3 (sur un total de 3)

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