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Meet the team

Code N°001

Vincent Barrier
CEO and code vampire

Vincent first heard about agile in 2009 in Toulouse, where he finished his studies after living in Paris and San Francisco. He immediately felt that this discovery would dramatically influence his career, and he was proven right. After making his experience in big consulting companies, he founded Kagilum in 2011 in order to promote Agile methodologies full time. Trainer and speaker, he is an active member of the Agile community in the South of France. When he is not working, he plays with cutting edge technologies.

What would he take on a desert island?
Macbook Pro & Ukulele.

Code N°002

Nicolas Noullet
Developer and gentleman farmer

Nicolas first met Vincent as his teacher at Toulouse University, allowing him to live the beginnings of Kagilum as an intern. The internship soon became an employment and Nicolas now shares his working time between development, support and teaching. Otherwise, you will probably find him learning a new programming language or growing some fresh pumpkins and zucchinis.

What would he take on a desert island?
Sunglasses, anything to listen any kind of music (as long as it is not Vincent playing Ukulele).

Code N°003

Julien Villeroux
Commercial, Marketing & Communication

Julien does not come from an IT background and that is precisely why he is part of Kagilum. Indeed, his great communication and marketing skills allows the team to be well balanced and effective on every aspect that makes a successful company. He enjoys discovering foreign cultures and travelling so don’t be surprised if you meet him someday on his road around the world.

What would he take on a desert island?
A dictionary to communicate with the autochtones… Arf! we said the island was desertic…

Code N°004

Anne Sophie Kalis
Strategy & communication consultant

Anne Sophie is our special social network team member. Always looking for new stuff to promote iceScrum, she enhances the company communication. Her first mission was to design this website, nice isn’t it? Oh and if you are interested in social entrepreneurship, contact her, she will help you with no doubt 🙂

What would she take on a desert island?
A full package of flyers (festival, concert, music)

Code N°005

Alexandre Pierre
Trainee and official yellow jersey of the company

Alexandre first met Nicolas as his teacher at Toulouse University… wait, is there a pattern here? Our users never run out of ideas and feedback to improve our products and websites and we are thankful for that! Alexandre joined the development team as in intern (trainee, better no?) to help implement these improvements and build a greater user experience, starting by this shiny new website.
What would he take on a desert island? .

What would he take on a desert island?
His bike and tissue for the sand.

Code unknown

Hunting cat


What would he take on a desert island?
Why go on a desert island? I’m far better on the sofa watching over you dumb humans.

Code N°007

Thomas Pons
Communication officer and Arrow hero TV serie clone!

Thomas comes from a marketing and communication environment. His knowledge in social networks and advertising have been very usefull recently. Moreover since we launched this new website! So if you receive an email or some news about iceScrum and its wonderfull new features, he surely is the person behind this evil communication plan!

What would he take on a desert island?
A shirt, a swimming short, sunglasses and his most beautiful beach towel!

Code N°008

Marwah Soltani

Marwah is the last person arrived in the Kagilum team. She came from Paris to Toulouse, looking for the legendary good weather of the South West of France. She is Shazam’s favourite target, and the first victim of its terrible devilishes plans (girls…). Appart from fighting with the cat she is also a developer of iceScrum. Lately she worked on the misterious R7…

What would she take on a desert island?
Definitely her iPhone with a battery kit